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4-Years | 8,000 Hours

What is an Apprentice?

An apprentice learns directly from his/her employer with on-the-job training while earning a paycheck. Hands-on training gives apprentices invaluable experience. Pair that with related technical instruction, paid for by your employer, including community colleges & technical schools. Total hours of training is 8000 hours of on the job & in class training. Experience & education prior to NET may be applied toward reaching your goal. This combination gives apprentices all the skills they need to succeed and progress in their professional career in machining.


Secure Your Future
  1. Technical Instruction  Classroom and online technical instruction paid by NET including class materials

  2. On the Job Training        Structured on-the-job training, mentored by leadership

  3. Progressive Wages              Rewards for reaching identified milestones

  4. National Occupational Credential                              Earn a nationally recognized credential once competencies are achieved. Apprenticeship is sanctioned by the New York State Department of Labor

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